What is the XTRAC laser?

The XTRAC laser is the only FDA-cleared, clinically proven excimer laser that treats psoriasis, vitiligo and atopic dermatitis. It uses a targeted wavelength of ultraviolet light that is delivered only to the affected areas of skin. Treatment with the excimer laser is safe and painless and results are often seen after only a few treatments. Treatment for psoriasis is covered by most major commercial medical insurances; treatment for vitiligo and atopic dermatitis is covered by many major commercial medical insurances.





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atopic dermatitis


What to Expect During Treatment

  • Treatment is quick; usually 5-10 minutes per treatment; if larger areas need to be treated, treatment may take longer

  • Treatment is painless

  • Mild redness and/or itching may develop after treatment; this is normal

  • Treatments are recommended 2-3 times weekly for a minimum of 10-12 treatments

  • You should avoid excessive sun exposure during the treatment course as too much sun exposure may increase the risk of sunburn and blistering in the treated areas

What are the Possible Side effects of Treatment ?

Rarely, significant redness with or without blistering can occur, similar to a sunburn, or the skin in the treated area may darken (hyperpigment); this is usually transient and resolves gradually over time