Referring Providers


In order to provide the most appropriate care for our patients and to maintain the role of the primary care provider in the care of the patient, we request that referrals originate with the primary care provider or, where appropriate, with a specialist who has evaluated the patient for the reason for referral or is managing an associated condition.

Referrals may be placed by faxing a referral to our office at 513-745-5515.

Please include all relevant medical records, including specialist consultation notes/letters, results of diagnostic testing (e.g. pathology reports, radiology reports, and laboratory test results), and other pertinent medical records, as appropriate.

We recommend advising patients to wait 1-2 days before contacting the office to schedule an appointment; this allows time for the referral to be processed. 

If you need assistance placing a referral or have additional questions, please contact our office at 513-745-5510.



It is our policy to send a summary of our evaluation to the primary care provider and, where appropriate, to the referring provider if this provider is not the primary care provider. Should you fail to receive such communication within 24 hours of the office visit, please contact our office.


Follow-up care

For patients with routine diagnoses such as eczema, tinea capitis and acne, it is our policy to discharge the patient back to the primary care provider for routine follow-up and medication refills once the skin condition has resolved or once an effective treatment plan has been established. Should the condition worsen, we would be happy to re-evaluate the patient.